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Personality development





This special issue is concerned with the systematic transformation of persons and personalities as they move through their lives. The focus is on developmental processes early in the life course that influence both long-term stability and change. Contributors represent diverse topics and viewpoints, but offer new data on classical issues of personality, including trait structure, self-regulation and internalization, self-evaluation, and self-efficacy. The issue also includes a special contribution addressing methodological and statistical advances in dealing with prospective longitudinal data assessing personality over time.








1. Interview Jitter

11. Effective Communication

2. Get A Torch

12. Decision Making

3. Dress Code

13. Empathy

4. Group Discussion basics

14. Self Awareness

5. Evaluation in GD

15. Interpersonal Relationship

6. Telephonic Interview

16. Motivate yourself

7. Resume Writing

17. Job seeking formula

8. Ways to improve your body language

18. Time management

9. Stress management

19. Career Management

10. Life skills