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JAVA For Android Development





Java is arguably the most important (and most popular) computer language today! It is widely used on the Internet by Web Servers and Web Broswers, Mobile devices, Gaming applications and so on.

This course titled "Java For Android Development" covers the fundamentals of Java and how to write Android based applications for mobile devices.Java provides explicit support for the fundamental concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) hence the power of Java for code reuse and extensibility. Even more important, Java programs are platform independent i.e. the same Java code will run on Linux, Windows, Mac, mobile phones etc.

Course Contents:



1. Introduction to Java

7. Input/Output Operations in Java

2.1 Installing Java Development Kit

9. Advanced Topics: Java Exceptions and Exception handling

2.2 Compiling and Running Your First Java Program

10. Advanced Topics: Multi Threading/Concurrent Programming in Java

3. Java Language Fundamentals

11. Advanced Topics: Internet Programming with Java

3.1 Simple Programming Exercise

12. Advanced topics: Database Handling

4 Concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

13. Introduction to Android

4.1 Classes and Objects

14. Introduction to developing Android Applications

4.2 Static Members and Methods of a Class

15. Android for Java Developers

4.3 Abstract Class, Interfaces

5 Check Your Understanding of Objects and Classes

6. Java packages

6.1. Java Packages and Classes Bundled with JDK

7. Input/Output Operations in Java