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Intellectual Property Rights





Intellectual property can be a significant component of the value of a business – IP portfolio of brands such as Coca-Cola and Apple are valued in billions. In 2011, Nortel sold its patent portfolio for $ 4.5 billion when it was wound up. Similarly, Ericsson derives $ 1 billion of revenues per year from licensing its technology globally to various cellphone companies, without manufacturing a single phone itself. Whether it is a SME or a large business, not having an IP strategy is strategically inefficient and prevents the business from unlocking its full value. Websites, blogs, software codes, product manuals, designs, videos, business processes, photographs and catalogues are all capable of intellectual property protection.

Course Contents:



Module I: Introduction to Intellectual Property

Chapter 3: Methods for commercial exploitation of trademarks

Supplementary: IP protection for Startups

Supplement: Licensing and Other Issues in Trademark

Module II: Copyright Law for Early Stage Business

Chapter 4: Trademark Opposition and Litigation

Chapter 1: How early stage business can use copyright law to protect important works

Supplement: Trademark Opposition and Infringement

Chapter 2: Procedure for Copyright Registration

Supplement: Additional videos on Trademark

Chapter 3: Techniques for Commercial Exploitation of Copyright

Module IV: Patent Law

Chapter 4: Copyright Infringement and Practical Remedies

Chapter 1: Introduction to Patent Law

Chapter 4A: Take down notice

Supplement: Introduction to Patent Law

Chapter 5: Copyright in Cyberspace

Chapter 2: Patent Application and Registration Process

Module III: Trademark Law

Supplement: Patent Application and Patent Drafting

Chapter 1: Introduction to Trademarks

Supplement: Patent Filing

Supplement: Introduction to Trademark

Supplement: Patent Objection and Opposition

Chapter 2: Procedure for Trademark Registration

Supplement: Other issues in Patent Law

Supplement: Trademark Registration

Module V: IP Management and Monetization

Supplement: International Reg. of Trademark

Chapter 1: IP and Employees

Chapter 2: Franchising and Licensing Agreement