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The digital age is creating a digital headache for organisations around the world, with cyber attack and data breaches on the rise. This is not surprising given the increased sophistication of cyber attacks and the emergence of new technologies which are affecting the way we work (e.g. BYOD - Bring Your Own Device), store and access data (e.g. cloud computing), devices we use (e.g. smart phones/tablets) along with the ways we communicate (e.g. social media) – everything is going digital and potentially open to attack. E-Learning on Cyber Security may spread awareness among the students that How to protect the important information in the organisation.




1. Introduction to Cyber Security

2. Cyber Crimes, Cyber Criminals, History & Current Status

3. Cyber Threats and Attacks & Glossary of Terms

4. Fraud and Scams on the Internet

5. Fundamentals - Understanding Cyber Insecurity

6. How to Minimize Risks: Recommended Actions

7. Basic Security Tools

8. Staying Safe while Surfing

9. Unit 5 Security Lab

10. Overview: what we have studied in the Course

11. Self Assessment